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All Apple MacBook, iMac & iPad Repair Services

We can solve your Hardware and Software problems of each an Apple MacBook, iMac & iPad Repair or Replacement issues.

About Us

We believe that quality work drives growth and success. We understand your gadgets are important to you, be they tablets or laptops. You rely on them for every aspect of life. We focus on enhancing your vitality lifestyle. Any machine can be difficult to handle, but trust us to repair it, no matter what the problem is. Call us right away. We’ll be at your service.

  • Apple MacBook and iMac Computer Repair
  • Microsoft Windows PC Computer Repair
  • Cracked & Broken Screen Replacements
  • Data Recovery from your Old Devices
  • Remove Viruses, Spyware and Ransomware
  • Fix Charging Issues and Charging Ports Repairs
  • Laptop Hardware Repairs, Upgrade & Installations
  • USB Port, Laptop Hinge and Cooling FAN Replace
  • Desktop & Laptop of any brand, we can fix it.

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All Laptop & Desktop Services

We provide you with a doorstep repair service for your Apple products like MacBook Pro, Air & iPad. You can contact us anytime to get the cheapest and best instant solution in a stress-a-free manner. Further, if any issue is related to software & hardware. We will fix the issue with the laptop models, then we will replace the hardware and install the basic software by professional engineers. We use our expertise to make sure your device is hassle-free, properly operational and functioning.

MacBook Screen Replacement

If you are looking for a screen repair service, we can be your ultimate guide. We will provide you with the best Apple Screen Replacement and Screen Protectors in Delhi. Along with a maintenance facility for our customers, for their precious functioning device.

LED Screen Repair

LED Screen Repair
MacBook Keyboard Replacement

If you are facing keyboard-related issues, so don’t worry, we are here to help you out with your problem. Our professionals are the best at repairing keyboards. All you have to raise the query on the phone call @ +91 79824 51415. They will provide you with better help.

Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard Replacement

MacBook Logic board Repair

You will get the best Logic Board Repair Service in Delhi. If you spend minor charges. If you are facing an expensive motherboard repair service issue, you can get a quick fix with the help of our technical team person. Just call or email us info@applemacbook.in.

Logic Board Repair

Logic Board Repair

MacBook Battery Replacement

Are you using a 2009 or later Apple MacBook Pro with the battery in-built? Replacing the Battery and yourself can be a difficult situation. If you are entrusting your work to a certified and experienced person, then it will be a good decision for you & your gadgets.

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement


MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Let’s say you spilled some liquid on the laptop. Like tea, coffee, water, etc. For a moment, you will be scared because it may contain your imported data files and images that have not been backed up. Don’t worry, we are still sitting in Delhi to help you with this.

Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Damage Repair

MacBook Touchpad Repair

We all know that touchpad is flexible for everyone because it is very easy to use. Everyone can use it with no problem. But if your touchpad stops working, then it will be difficult for you, but don’t worry about it. We are always ready to serve you 24/7.

Touchpad Repair

Touchpad Repair

MacBook Hinge Replacement

We also provide services in all of Nehru Place & Delhi NCR regarding Laptop Hinge Repair. Laptop screen hinges or whatever problems are related to your device. Our experts solve it well. You can talk to us about any helpful information. 24/7-hour services are provided.

Hinge & Adopter Repair

Hinge & Adopter Repair

Apple Upgrade Service

If any machine has become old and working slowly in that case, we should upgrade the system by installing the SSD and adding extra RAM. To Resolve the system upgrade problem, you may contact us today and our experts will provide you with the best solution.

System Upgrade Service

System Upgrade Service

Why Would You Choose Our Services?

Our major goal is to solve the problems of our customers properly. Satisfy them with our service, for this, we give our 100%. And if you choose our Apple MacBook in, then you will get a lot of benefits, for example:

Experienced Professionals
We pride ourselves on being a professional computer repair facility
Easy and Quick Solution
We value your time and give you a very easy and instant solution.
Expert Technical Skills
Our technical experts will get you honest, reliable and professional help
Very Affordable Price
We give you the best work within the market at an affordable price.
Positive Reviews
Our business has been built on trust and customer satisfaction
100% Trustworthy
Our main objective is to keep our clients satisfied so that they keep their trust in us.
Friendly Services
Most of the services below are repaired within hours, and in most cases same day!
24/7 Service Available
Issues related to electronic gadgets can bother you anytime. Hence, keeping this in mind, we give you 24/7 hour service.
Not to Pay in Advance
We never ask you for money before, pay only after the work is completed.

When Might You Need a MacBook Repair?

You may need a MacBook repair. Because if you are using a machine, then you cannot predict when it will get damaged. The machine may break after a fall from your hand. Some liquid may spill on it. Or let’s say a short circuit occurs, which you can never predict when your machine may fail.

How We Work?

We first diagnose your machine, then after understanding the problem, we make you face that problem. Then, only after your consent, we fix the machine. We use genuine parts for your device. And after correcting it, we check it again. Only after getting complete satisfaction, do our technicians try their best to repair your device by hand.

Our Repair Satisfaction Guarantee:

Our satisfaction guarantee means we provide the right solutions to our customers. We provide them with the service as soon as possible, and also we never get the full attention of our customer by getting angry with our centre. You don’t have to pay before repairing.

  • We use the genuine product.
  • We give you a lifetime warranty.
  • Trustworthy experts.
  • Reliability guarantee.
  • Affordable price guarantee.
  • Our Friendly Services

The Models We Repair:

Apple MacBook is famous all over Delhi. We provide service to every corner of Delhi. We repair all models of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini. Our technicians solve all your problems like:

Our Service's Strength:

Best service provider — We are known as the best provider in all over Delhi. The amazing and fast service we provide to our customers. Also, we take care of our customers; we serve them according to their needs. Our prime goal is to win the trust of our customers and make them happy with our work. A satisfied customer is the best source of advertising.

Our friendly service — We never deceive our customer. First, they make them aware of their problems, then they do their work at their behest. We provide cheapest and fastest service in the entire market. Apple MacBook Service Center keeps its clients connected all the time. That’s why we do not work that will cause any problem to our clients. We have been appreciated many times in Delhi.

Our Experts — Our biggest strength is our team of experts. Our experts are the foundation of the Apple MacBook Service Center. The entire service center rests on their hard work. These people are very honest. This is what our customer said to us. Our experts play a major role in building relationships with our customers.

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What is the Apple MacBook Warranty Policy?

We provide a warranty on Apple MacBook; it depends on your Mac whether we can give a warranty for it. Some problems may not be under warranty. Do not worry about this, if you find any kind of problem with your device then you are requested to visit the Apple MacBook service center once.

How Much Time Does It Take to Repair a MacBook?

By the way, our service center takes 24 hours to repair your MacBook. Sometimes the time duration also depends on what is the exact problem of your MacBook. There may be some defect in it, for which we find that part in the market first, which may take time.

Apple MacBook Charges for any consultation?

No, Apple MacBook does not charge any consultation charge. Apple MacBook charges you only then. When he repairs any of your devices. Or you take something from our service center, then only you have to get any charge, otherwise you will not have to pay even a single coin.

Should we replace or repair our MacBook?

If your MacBook breaks down. So repairing or replacing the Mac may prove to be better for you, on the condition that if you feel that repairing is costing more money. If you can get a newer Mac for more money, buy a newer MacBook.

Can you provide any kind of warranty on the repair of Apple devices?

Yes, we provide a warranty on repair parts; it depends on the parts of your device whether we can give a warranty for it. Some problems may not be under warranty. Do not worry about this, if you find any kind of problem with your device then you are requested to visit the Apple MacBook service center once.

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There are many valid reasons why you should choose us to take care of your valuable device: